Steve Celestini

My Delta Tau Chi name is Cele, because Pinto was already taken. I was born a poor white child in the shadow of the valley of death. Schooled on the teachings of a traveling Buddhist monk who sold shoes he fashioned out of palm leaves to support his addiction to #3 pencils, I soon learned that my mission in life was to travel the world in search of value systems that have no basis in reality. Many strange journeys ensued, none of which can be published without incriminating me in scores of outstanding arrest warrants, but the most important one was that which landed me in Swamp Creek by gawd North Carolina. Twas there I discovered a new master, Obi-Wan Joe-nobi, who taught me the ways of the six string, the thrill of singing with wreckless abandon, and the belief that truth may some day be discovered if I ever manage to write the perfect song (with a #3 pencil of course). Until that day, I pledge to perform with the Gravy Boys as if my life depended on it. God Bless America, Martha White and the Chrysler 440 cu. in. engine.