Joe Spagnardi

Joe focuses his energies on making sure that the gravy train stays on its rails - - - mostly by strumming rhythm on his '68 Gibson J-50. He picked up the guitar in his teens by transplanting 3 years of unenthusiastically and sporadically attended classical piano lessons to the I, IV, V'ing rock and blues riffs most enthusiastically performed on a fender telecaster. While stumbling his way through the 70's and 80's dabbling in the rock and pop of his time, Joe's ears were always called towards the music of the past. Something really clicked for him when he picked up and devoured a copy of Bill Malone's Country Music, U.S.A., while simultaneously listening to Gram Parsons. It opened a whole new world of appreciation of the music for the common folk: american heritage country music in its purest form and all its alternate forms. It also incidentally spawned a nasty new habit of collecting old country records and yammering incessantly into the ears of the other Gravy Boys.