THE GRAVY BOYS make ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC by adding a cup of country, a pinch of roots rock, a handful of honky-tonk, a splash of bluegrass, a dash of hobo folk, stirring vigorously, and letting it simmer 'til the pot bubbles over...

'Bring it Down' is here!! 

It’s official, Gravy Nation: our new phonograph record is here: Bring it Down! 

The CD will be available at our CD release party at The Kraken in Chapel Hill, NC, on March 16. The album will also be available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, et al, as of March 14. 

NOTE: The Kraken does not sell tickets or charge admission, but they do pass a tip bucket, so be sure to bring a shilling or two with you!

For more info:

The Event page on Facebook
The Kraken on Facebook
The Kraken Website


YouTube Video Playlist 

Our new friend Carol McDuffie, filmed and edited our recent performance at the Post Turkey Day Jam, at the Cary Theater in Cary. We shared the stage with the likes of Jon Shain, David Burney, FJ Ventre, The Parsons and Joe Newberry, to raise money for the Interfaith Food Council in Chapel Hill, and the Cary Parks and Rec Dept. Carol did a fine job filming. The videos look and sound really great. Enjoy!

Click Here to view the playlist on YouTube. 
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